Ma - Connected Through

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Julkaisupäivä: 2019-04-09
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Artisti Ma


MA is a four-member band wandering on the soul music scene. Roaming on inner insights, feeling the rhythms of life, accepting and expressing them though improvisation, groove and the English language. MA’s music and live concerts capture your mind, soul and heart and carry you along to explore their world. With their first song “Don’t Throw This Heart Around” the band managed to become one of the semi-finalists at the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2017. The band, launched by Maarja Aarma in 2017, performs the creation of the singer herself, bassist Janno Trump and pianist Madis Muul, and a significant additional vision to this is given by Dmitri Nikolajevski on drums. MA’s concerts also include performing at the beloved Estonian jazz festival Jazzkaar 2018.

Kappalelista [CD1]

  1. Same Old Story
  2. Smoke & Mirrors
  3. Don't Throw This Heart Around
  4. Interlude: Morning Routine
  5. Connected Through
  6. Joe
  7. Interlude: Heat
  8. Morning
  9. Up
  10. Talk
  11. Interlude: Yeah
  12. Letter
  13. Interlude: Joy
  14. Speechless
  15. Closing: Dreaming